Talent is a prerequisite for success

To become an established, profitable brand, one must plan and manage their creation, understand the market, trends and processes. Designers are artists, and they cannot work in a vacuum. Ideas have to be curbed and put into Focus. The end result is of a wide collection of various looks yet very cohesive in total.

Roni Rabl has over 30 years of experience with her own collection, working as well as representing others in US and Europe. Roni has worked with numerous designers to transform them from local caterpillars into international butterflies.

One Great Success Story

4 years and 8 seasons ago, Roni Rabl took on a very gifted established designer with Tons of exploding talent. 4 years and 8 seasons later, this brand is a leading brand in the USA, with over 50,000 units sales per year. All these sales are done to exclusive boutiques only – no department stores.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email roni@ronirabl.com