Roni Rabl is the formal distributor of ALEMBIKA in the US.

If you are interested to buy any of the below items, contact us! We’re the wholesaler and can connect you with a local store near you that can ship you the item at no cost.

If you are a store and would like to use the images, you can click on the below ones to download.


SS20_Alembika_(62) Left_DRESS_SD624F Right_DRESS_SD623F
SS20_Alembika_(76) DRESS_SD617B
SS20_Alembika_(87) DRESS_SD637B
SS20_Alembika_52 Left_TOP - ST210LPANTS_SP307L Right_DRESS_SD620L
SS20_Alembika_(44)_TOP ST208N+PANTS_SP304B
SS20_Alembika_AfterDark_(13) Right_DRESS_ED401S Left_DRESS_ED400S
SS20_Alembika_(106) SWEATER_SS24L PANTS_SP320B
SS20_Alembika_AfterDark (2) Right_DRESS_ED405B Left_TOP_ET410B PANTS_EP418B
SS20_Alembika_(20) Right_DRESS_SD600P Left_TOP_ST205B PANTS_SP301P