Ji-U is the luxury division of Matsuo International.  A brand that believes the value of an item is not bound to superficial branding but rather genuine love for the fabrics and silhouettes that come together to create timeless pieces of art. Value is based on the heart and what the heart wants. To love is to view it as priceless.

Ji-U is a simplicity of mind to create true art. Remember to always inspire yourself in life. To believe in elegance.  To take a thread, create a piece of cloth. Start just there.

From birth to existence, all Ji-U pieces are intimately constructed in-house with one-of-a-kind machinery touched and finished by the human hand.

Designed and Created by Keido Takahashi – an artist beyond the basic understanding of an artist. Keido is a master at understanding fabric as a science. Knowing before it is born what it will be, the weight, the way it lies, how it moves…

Combining craftsmanship with elegance, freedom of expression, and a touch of true innocence, Keido brings the East and West together in true 21st century Couture.

Roni Rabl is the formal distributor of JiU in the US.

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