By Roni Rabl 

The system exists to confuse us.I just heard a talk of some Fashion
people trying to analyze trends. They simply used the same word Trend,
in various languages to lend it a different meaning.

there was Fashion. It belonged only to the Royal and the Rich. It was
predominantly a Status Symbol and therefore the only changes were in the
amount of money you could invest in craftsmanship, elaborate embroidery
and the finest of fabrics.

Then came the industrial revolution. 

Then came Coco Chanel.

What she did to women’s fashion equals a Sea Change. A huge transformation, or what we could label today as Mega Trend. This
meant walking into women’s closets and re- assessing women’s place in
society via garments (before this word existed). This is a Movement and
has nothing to do with Trend.


BC = Before Chanel. A woman before her time, in certain circles,would be banned from society if she would show up in pants.

Since then endless amount of water flowed from rivers into the sea. We
are practically harassed by so-called “fashion trends”, most of which are
Fads and are not here to stay. Endless varieties of the Old and

All it takes is to choose out of the
endless and repetitive labels, those that we trust, that we like, and which connects women with their essence. Make a woman like herself and not be a walking
circus. Women are more and more relying on the shop they
trust. The buyer. The staff. They are the ones responsible to educate
her and be able to inspire her with trust and good taste.

at Roni Rabl, are working all year round to source the best companies
with the best collections to inspire our buyers with beautiful fashion,
updated while having always our customers in mind