What I like about America is that there is room for everyone.

If you are good enough, consistent, determined and motivated, you make it! That what made me stay here when I came from Israel 28 years ago. Business is changing like everything else in life. Trade shows change as well. As a wholesaler and Retailer I was looking for an intimate space where designers and buyers work together. Where both vendors and retailers feel comfortable shopping and sharing information. Where you can get educated as a buyer about the market and get to know other retailers to network and party with each other.

One open space, no walls to separate us, no restrictions with how to register for the show, food and wine to celebrate our industry. Studio Atelier NYC is a gathering of over 50 well-established brands from the fashion retail world. We’re a community of designers and distributors who love to dress REAL women, with artful, unique clothing and accessories.

If you are a designer who is interested with joining our show, email us, call us, or tweet/facebook us.

Yael Edelist