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    Thought of the week: Love

    I come from a very cynical culture. We Israelis are very cautious regarding certain rituals and if we feel any type of fakeness, the world hears about it:) I am ready to let that trait go after living in the U.S. for 25 years. We don’t celebrate Valentines day in Israel and we don’t use the …

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    Thought of the week

    Hi Retailers, I want to say, I am determined to keep up with the market changes and help us all swim with the stream and not against it. We are here to help you! And why? because if you do well, I do well! Simple! For 2017, we are going to invest in those of …

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    The Movies and Fashion dialog

    Fashion is a relatively modern word. Fashion did not exist before the Industrial Revolution. If Queen Victoria had a new gown, it did not inspire a world industry of fashion. Maybe a few ladies at court took inspiration from it and whispered it to their seamstress – not a powerful designer who gave inspiration and …

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    Are the 90’s back?

    The 90’s fashion, with synthetic fabrics; pleather; machine sewn sequins & machine made lace; animal prints & harsh color combinations, looked trashy then & it does now! This trash was given some interesting interpretations by current designers. As a matter of fact, it can actually look right. Chic post 90’s. One of the elements that …

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    Zen outlook on the change of seasons

    By Roni Rabl Japanese aesthetics are infiltrating the main stream since the early 90’s. Japanese movies are filling movie theaters more than ever, Sushi is practically the upgraded Pizza, babies are using chop sticks, and why stop there? Japanese designers such as Comme de Garcon’s Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miaki & Kenzo, succeeded in turning fashion …

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    Show some Leggings

    By Roni Rabl Leggings are over, said all Trend Forecast Gurus. I believed them. It is over! Not only are leggings alive and kicking, they came out from their hiding place under the long tunic & are not afraid to play a prominent part in our dress code. leggings From Athleisure to Evening wear; from …