So last week we asked about employees and how to pay them.
The million-dollar question! 😉
It seems like many of us struggle with this subject.
How do we keep our team strong and motivated while still keeping a good cash flow? Here is a list of solutions I collected from all your replies. Thank you all!

* Monthly goals and bonuses to full-timers only. Medical coverage for full timers only. An outfit gift for birthdays for everyone.
* Hourly rate based on experience (the more experienced you are the more you earn). No commission.
* Hourly rate plus 2% commission split between salespeople per daily sales.
* Part time employees only. Hourly rate. No commission.
* Full-time employees with flat salary. No commission. End of the year bonus.
* Quarterly bonus. $50 in-store credit for every sale over $1000
* Full-time manager with a flat salary. The commission is based on the more you sell, the higher the percentage. Commission begins after $25,000 in sales have been hit. (monthly goals)  Part-timers on an hourly rate, no commission.
* Flat salary, employees can buy clothes for cost. No commission.

I wanted to add what I noticed during my years as an employer was that employees don’t always appreciate “gifts”. They don’t see it as income or a benefit. We all get used to getting “free clothes” and we forget how expensive they are.

What do you think?

Thank you to all who replied.

Happy Wednesday,